Download Version 1.7.3

Minimum requirements: macOS 10.14 +

  • Fixed incorrect sequence in the playlist when adding files from folders on APFS partitions
  • Fixed reading lyrics in some files with unsynchronized lyrics
  • Fixed incorrect display of information in the cover window
  • Added “SPACE” hotkey to pause

7 thoughts on “Download Version 1.7.3”

  1. Thanks for an incredible update! We need to advertize this wonderful application and give it more exposure! I noticed it does not have any entry on Macupdate is the most popular site for Mac software in Europe and the US. It allows a much wider audience for Mac Users to try your software and share their experience and comments. They don’t charge you any fees to the best of my knowledge. Thanks again!

  2. In addition to what I wrote above, those people who have moved to MacOS Catalina have lost the abilty to run 32-bit apps. Running Winamp in WINE is extremely popular and like me, Mac users are going to be looking for an alternative to Winamp. I found AMP purely by searching Google for Winamp alternatives. If it had been on MacUpdate, I would have found it immediately and that’s exactly what other Mac users are going to do – search for Winamp alternatives.

    I have another question for you. Are you planning on allowing Winamp skin compatibility in a future release?


    1. Amp Player is not winamp, it is a player inspired by winamp. Therefore, skins from winamp will never be in it. Thanks for your feedback and advice on macupdate, I will definitely check out this site because I have virtually no buyers from Europe and the United States.

  3. Hello – upgraded to 1.7.3 from 1.6.9 and it broke my registration. Would you please re-send my registration key to the email address attached to this message? Thanks! I have been a registered user since 1.6.8.

    1. I do not have your email in the list of buyers.And there is no name Mike Haas in the list of buyers.
      Maybe you had a different email and a different name? Send me a PayPal email confirming your purchase.

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